“Our extensive experience with technology infrastructure enables us to provide solutions that position organizations for success.”

Support Services

Index ensures fulfillment of all service requests from a single point and allows its customers to receive services in high quality standards while rendering support services for products of different platforms and technologies.
It is more important than ever to fully leverage technology investments by means of high performance and continuous operation. Ensuring service continuity of IT infrastructures is possible with the success of technical support services. Index provides brand-independent services from basic installation services to complex integration services with a wide portfolio. Our strategy focuses on delivering consistent and continuous services irrespective of location, technology and time.

Installation Services
Index with its service organization, fulfill the terms of the contracts by completing all hardware, software and network installations of turnkey projects by our technical experts.

Warranty and Maintenance Services
Index offers intervention and solution options that can meet business requirements of our customers in the best manner depending on service level agreements. We offer support services in high level for mission critical systems of our customers and in lower level for less critical systems. Service level options are valid for the warranty period and/or after the warranty period.

Index provides warranty and maintenance services as follows:
• Service requests are collected in a single center through our call management system; service requests are processed according to service level agreements and directed to the relevant person.
• By remote technical support via telephone firstly, it is ensured the request to be met quickly.
• On-site service is provided by widespread service organization and trained site personnel according to the service level selected.
• Infrastructure support that will ensure continuous operation of the systems is provided by wide spare-part stock.
• It is targeted that failure rates of IT systems are reduced and that systems have longer continuous operation thanks to the protective maintenance provided by periodic maintenance services.

Index makes periodic maintenance of all kinds of hardware and software products in the periods specified in the contract in accordance with customer requirements. In addition, relevant periodic maintenance frequencies are determined according to the environment where the devices are located, operation conditions and customer requirements in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Failure rates of the devices are reduced and their life is increased thanks to these protective maintenance services.

Operations within the scope of Periodic Maintenance:
• Internal and external cleaning of main and sub-products
• Connection controls
• Function tests
• Cleaning of internal storage units
• Control of viruses and similar security threats
• Customizations and tuning to increase system performance

Duration-Based On-Site Service

For the devices which are mission-critical for the customers, response and resolution times for any service request can be determined in accordance with customer requirements. Intervention times can be decreased to 1 hour in case where no permanent personnel is on-site; and resolution time can be decreased to 2 hours by means of spare part inventory. Index having a strong and effective service networks, ensures that our fully qualified and trained staffs provide innovative solutions and services combined with best-of-breed technologies for our customers.


Systems integration services are the core of our business. By accumulating the expertise, innovation, technology and business process know-how, we deliver integrated systems solutions which is essential in tackling today’s complex business problems. With our brand-independent solution approach we choose the combinations that best suit for the needs of our customers. Moreover, the continuity of the proposed solution is secured by a fully qualified technical team.

Service Characteristics:

• Designing the IT infrastructure that will meet customer requirements,
• Providing installation and operation of designed system,
• Customization of installed system to meet reliability, scalability, high availability, safety and performance criteria according to determined requirements,
• Ensuring operational continuity of the system.

Other Service Types
Assembling/ Installation/ Deployment
Services such as making final controls of devices and equipments before delivery to the customer, assembling all kinds of parts, software and hardware pre-installations, making user settings for customer are provided for those products sold by Index.